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The Employee Engagement Survey

The Employee Engagement Survey for Healthcare

Is your organization concerned about employee retention? Does fostering high levels of ownership and commitment standout as one of your priorities? Would you like to know how vulnerable you are to losing good people right now and what vital few things you need to improve to keep them?engagement2

The Organizational Culture Group Ltd. has developed a process by which we assess the current level of employee engagement within your organization or division and help you build a strategy to increase engagement and enhance retention.

Based on this work we provide the following service:

  • An assessment of your current employee engagement level.
  • A clear picture of how vulnerable you are to losing good people.
  • A focused picture of the few vital issues that require improvement to enhance engagement and reduce turnover in your organization.
  • A solid strategy for retaining and engaging your people.

“You showed us how to collaborate and
communicate in order to reach our goals.
It has been a wonderful experience working with your group.”

“It’s a lot of information that helped us refocus our attention.
There are many arms pulling us in many different directions but this
Survey gave us a 360 of our Residents, Clients and Families.”

Family, Client/Resident Satisfaction Survey

Many Long Term Care organizations today no longer manage one type of client.  Day Homes, Assisted Living, Long Term Care, Senior Care programs, Alzheimer Care, Dementia Care, and many others are now part of the multifaceted provider care model we see across the nation.satisfaction

In 2009 we developed a Client, Resident and Family Satisfaction Survey for Long Term Care providers that could measure the many dimensions of this growing type of service.

This survey is specifically interested in why clients are happy and why some are not.  It allows for clients and family a safe place to voice their feedback of your services. Too often clients/residents/family members feel unable to voice concern. They feel unheard, that their voice does not matter and at times they fear retaliation.

We offer a confidential, paper and online survey process that provides your leadership with relevant, concise and accurate data on how customers feel about the care your organization provides. We provide detailed analysis, reporting and post survey facilitation to help you action-plan based on the data received.

This is a multi-faceted tool for dynamic care providers and it is helping our clients continue to provide great care.

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