Our Story

Our Story… the long and the short of it…

In 1995 a group of us HR and OD professionals sat down to discussed our roles with clients, and mentor each other on finding progressive solutions. (This was back before ‘mentoring’ was an appropriate workplace word)

By 1996 a few of us were working as lone consultants and our clients needed the guidance and expertise of few of us. Dynamic solutions were required for dynamic challenges. Some of us where in the United States and others were in Canada.  Izzo Consulting Inc. was born and we began working with companies and organizations who wanted to create workplace cultures that could attract great people and retain great ideas.

By 2004 we had partnered with experts including Dr. John Izzo, Ms. Olivia McIvor, Dr. David Kuhl, Dr. Jeff Vanderweilen, Mohammed Shakil Kassam, Ms. Sandra Hanson, Ms. Leslie Nolin, Mr. Jeremy Ball, Mr. Eric Klein and  Ms. Marion Baker. Each individual contributed to our philosophy, our work and our brand.

With backgrounds in Organizational Psychology, Organizational Development, Education, Medicine, Human Resources, Organizational Development, Data analysis and Program development we combined our professional knowledge and experiences to write, create, produce and pilot workplace change programs that would improve satisfaction, service, retention and engagement at work.

From the boom of the 90’s and the TQM craze to the work-life balance revolution, we responded to the importance of achieving employee satisfaction, battling employee burnout and supporting corporate and leadership renewal.

We created engagement surveys that would measure employee satisfaction and then in the new millennium we developed a family, resident and client satisfaction survey specifically for Long Term Care. We pushed the conversation further by creating renewal programs, compassionate service programs and generational diversity training that would push the conversation even deeper. By 2006 we were working with clients who’s biggest struggle was to retain knowledge and expertise. We starting merging our generational knowledge and our values knowledge and began working with clients so they could attract, engage and retain differing generations and with that, a variety of skill sets and wisdom. Four Generations: One Workplace: Sharing in the Information Age was a program that didn’t just educate people on the generations (that was old) but it educated people on the Wisdom Transfer needs of their organization and of many world wide. Finding ways to share and retain the wisdom within the walls of any company requires planning and well used time.

In 2008 a financial crisis hit North America hard and we were asked by a large resources company to create a program that would assist employees in rebuilding collaboration and trust. Our 2-day Building Collaborative Relationships program was born and is now a one-day program that has effectively helped  our clients manage the past four years with better communication,  improved trust, improved motivation and morale as well, it left them better equipped to embrace the changes ahead.

At the end of the decade we presented our research related to the synergy between ‘service’ and ‘compassion’ and how globally  the movement toward compassionate care models is impacting our North American ideology. Our initiatives for compassionate service delivery include Contagious Kindness  and Compassion in Action which are flagship programs that are today setting new standards for healthcare service delivery. The launch of the book: Turning Compassion into Action  by Olivia McIvor in 2013 contains research and the processes we use to help our clients create compassionate organizations.

Today we strive to help our clients deliver services with compassion, with selflessness and with excellence.

Our Philosophy


We come to work every day inspired to do our part to change the world. We believe that a speech can ignite inspiration and intention and that training and development programs can arm people with tools to put those intentions into action.

Whether it’s at work, at home, or in the community, we believe in inspiring people to take positive action and to be the catalyst for change.

We work with companies that want to excel in the areas of employee engagement and retention, communication, collaboration and customer service.  Ones, who want to attract great people, retain the wisdom within their walls and use innovative and creative processes to improve conscious leadership in every one.