Our Story

Our Story… the long and the short of it…

In 1995 we began OCG as a simple group of do-gooders with a humble mission, help companies build their culture so that people want to stay and give their best.”  We used words like “spirit”, “mentor”, “kindness”, “mindfulness”, and “integrity” long before they were cool and in demand.   Some of our consultants where in the United States and others were in Canada however we found Canadian clients wanted to learn from their US neighbors and the US clients wanted to learn from Canada. We were on to something….

With formal backgrounds in Organizational Psychology, Organizational Development, Education,  Human Resources, Data Analysis, Healthcare Management and Leadership, we combined our  knowledge and experiences to write, create, produce and pilot workplace change programs that addressed challenges such as, workplace satisfaction, service excellence, attraction and retention and personal engagement and leadership mindfulness. From the boom of the 90’s and the TQM craze to the work-life balance revolution, we responded to the importance of achieving employee satisfaction, battling employee burnout and supporting corporate and leadership renewal.

We created engagement surveys that would measure employee satisfaction and early in the new millennium we developed a family, resident and client satisfaction survey specifically for Long Term Care. We pushed the conversation further by creating renewal programs, compassionate service programs and generational diversity training that would push leader’s conversation even deeper. By 2006 we were working with clients who’s biggest struggle was to retain knowledge and expertise. We starting merging our generational knowledge and our values knowledge and began working with clients so they could attract, engage and retain differing generations . Four Generations: One Workplace: Sharing in the Information Age was created didn’t only educate people on the generations, but it produced a wealthy of insights on the depth of Wisdom within the walls of an organization – in real time.  To date it is still the expertise we are asked for.

In 2008 the financial crisis hit North America hard and we were asked by a large resources company to create a program that would assist employees in rebuilding collaboration and trust. Our 2-day Building Collaborative Relationships program was born and is now a one-day program that has effectively assisted our clients improve their communication,  built trust, improved motivation and morale. It had them on the path of understanding what it meant to be resilient and left them better equipped to embrace the changes ahead.

At the end of the decade we presented our research related to the synergy between ‘service’ and ‘compassion’ and how globally  the movement toward compassionate care models is impacting our North American ideology. Our initiatives for compassionate service delivery include Contagious Kindness  and Compassion in Action are today setting new standards for healthcare service delivery. In 2014 we initiated the KEI (Kindness Engagement Index) here, a free organizational assessment for teams or companies interested in how kind their culture is. We couldn’t imagine the uptake from this little tool and it provided the data and the model for our workplace culture enrichment initiative. Fast forward to #Metoo and #times up and, Kindness Speaks!. the formal initiative designed to harness workplace positivity, address and halt bullying, sexism and workplace violence and this modest but powerful idea took root. We created  micro teachings to effect the day-to-day interactions of people within any culture and harnessed the commitment, passion and strength of people who want their workplaces to be safe and kind spaces for everyone. From full scale cultural enrichment (think culture change with a heart) to self directed modules to build individual character traits specific to activating empathy to a new online learning platform (April 2019) designed to allow everyone access to our research and learning tools.


Our Philosophy

We come to work every day inspired to do our part to change the world. We believe that a speech can ignite inspiration and intention and that training and development programs can arm people with tools to put those intentions into action.

Whether it’s at work, at home, or in the community, we believe in inspiring people to take positive action and to be the catalyst for change.

We work with companies that want to excel in the areas of employee engagement and retention, communication, collaboration and equity.  Ones, who want to attract great people, retain the wisdom within their walls and use innovative and creative processes to improve conscious leadership in every one.