Employee Engagement Programs

We tailor programs to fit our client’s needs. Below are the most common areas of professional development that clients have asked us to develop for them.

Building Collaborative Relationships
Four Generations, One Workplace
People Development Retreats – intact groups
Renewing Engagement at Work
Compassionate Leadership

Building Collaborative Relationships

Over the last ten years studies have demonstrated a strong connection between collegial collaboration, employee engagement and business outcomes. Among these connections we know that engaged employees are the best predictor of customer loyalty, corporate profitability and decreased employee turnover.

We also know that the development of ‘community’ within a company is something that evolves intentionally. Corporate cultures that form without direction or solid intention are often poorly prepared to deal with corporate change and the numerous challenges of the fast paced world of business.

Harnessing the power of a spirited dynamic team, is to embrace the power of a positive, committed, enthusiastic group of collaborative individuals… we know with certainty that your ability to build collaborative relationships will directly contribute to your success.

This leadership program teaches three core themes to support a collaborative working environment, both internally and externally.

Personal collaboration: Raises one’s self-awareness that collaboration starts with each individual and the importance of taking personal responsibility for building stakeholder relationships. What is your conflict-collaborative style? How can your win/win ratio improve?

Interpersonal collaboration: Connects and engages teams by tapping their group wisdom to solve complex problems. Enhances team dynamics through appreciation of generational differences and strengths.  Is your team high functioning?  Do you know how to move your team to higher engagement?

Cultural collaboration: Teaches leaders the benefits of creating a climate that encourages high levels of involvement, deep trust and appreciation.

Two-day  and  full-day, Pre and Post conference programs also available.

This learning program has two designs: the front-line /non-leader employee as well it is designed for the manager/leader personnel within your company.

Four Generations, One Workplace:

Sharing wisdom in the information age

Yes there are still four generations of people in the workplace today, and although we know there are different age groups we continue to allow the age differences to divide us and cause conflict. Frankly, it isn’t our age differences that divide us, it’s our judgments about each other that often create conflict, break down collegial relationships and impair team collaborative efforts. Judgments that one generation is better than another include work ethics, company loyalty, technology, and social skills are just a few of the key differences now reshaping our work experience.


In this practical session, participants are given an opportunity to experience and participate in exercises that will enhance and change how we perceive and collaborate with one another.  The ultimate goal is to build a culture of respect by learning the changing meaning of words, the impact of imprints on each generation and how they translate into the work environment. This is a half or full-day program that will have everyone in the program learning and often laughing as the program is packed with humorous social research and more serious formal research. It is doused with conversational learning,  storytelling and small and large group exercises. It is a great team development program as well as a great morale booster!



People Development Retreats

Leadership synergy and cohesiveness are essential to the success of any company. Our learning programs are designed to help leadership teams and management teams align values and strengths as well as support individual areas of growth. This is not teambuilding but a more a reflective, interactive, planning program designed to enhance awareness and set measurable goals. Below are two programs that are frequently requested. Usually tailored specific for our client needs.

Renewing Engagement at Work ®

Renewing engagement is often about re- igniting our purpose and passion for our work. This renewal program is designed so that attendees can reacquaint themselves with their personal strengths and to allow time and reflection to build collaboration with those we work with, depend on and value. These programs also focuses is on helping your people take charge of creating more engagement, collaboration and performance in their work, to get more connected to their own source of renewal and become a positive force for change in your company.

Compassionate Leadership®

This leadership development program focuses on creating engaging leaders who have the skills and mindset required to sustain highly engaged teams.
Unlike many traditional leadership development retreats Renewing Compassionate Leadership focuses less on skills and more on shaping the way leaders see their role. It helps them stay focused on the key changes that they need to make to become more compassionate, connected and engaging leaders.