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chairsMany of our long term working relationships with clients start with an introduction. Often those introductions are contributions to a conference program whether a keynote, a breakout session or a full-day program. We are often asked to contribute our knowledge to an AGM, an association event, a learning retreat for an intact team or a corporate development program.

We don’t just do development work, we like to inspire, provoke and push people as well.

Change starts with a spark
an inspiration… simple

ask us how we can contribute
to your meeting or event.
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The following program titles have been delivered to audiences around the globe. We have addressed a dynamic array of groups from corporations, associations and foundations.

  • Building Collaborative Relationships: Creating Communities that Thrive
  • Is Your Business on Trend? Workplace Trends and the Future
  • Four Generations, One Workplace: Sharing in the information age
  • Turning Compassion into Action: a movement towards taking responsibility
  • Creating a Culture of Belonging & Excellence
  • The Compassionate Leader:Putting the “Human” back into Human Resources
  • Compassionate Stewards: Renewal and the Role of Leadership
  • Renewing Your Heart in Healthcare

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