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The Business of Kindness: Twelve Habits that Build Collaborative Cultures

978-0-988108-2-7 Price: $19.95 CND

“Whether you are staff, management or executive leaders, Olivia’s book will engage you with practical tools that if put into action will help you create a healthier workplace. Speaking from first-hand experience, we used this book to create a kinder, more collaborative and inclusive workplace. Buy it… you won’t be disappointed!”

Dale Forbes, BA (Economics), MBA, CIP, CRM Executive Director, Carewest

“As a leader yearning to make a positive difference in a world riven with strife and despair, the challenges of delivering services with compassion and excellence can be daunting. Yet simple kindness will open your door to all these qualities and more. Throw away your leadership books “The Business of Kindness’ tops them all.”

Dr. Robin Youngson, Co-Founder of Hearts in Healthcare Author of Time to Care

“According to a recent 2014 Trends in Global Employee Engagement Study by Aon Hewitt, ‘employee engagement is at the heart of emerging talent imperative.’ McIvor’s book offers the tools to make engagement happen. Research supports her contention that a kinder and happier workplace facilitates effective employee engagement because people are nourished by people.”

Dr. William Wan, PhD., General Secretary, Singapore Kindness Movement, Chairman of Prison Fellowship Singapore, Author & Speaker

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Turning Compassion Into Action: a movement toward taking responsibility by Olivia McIvor

ISBN: 978-0-9881081-0-3 Price: $18.95 CND

Compassion is the bedrock of a healthy society. McIvor’s Turning Compassion into Action urges each of us to craft engaged and meaningful lives. She believes we must each embrace the innate wellspring of compassion within us and impact our world, one action at a time.

To actualize compassion we need to transform our pessimism into optimism; connect to the deeper purpose of our work; expand our communities to create more belonging; and be intentionally present with ourselves and others. This is Ms. McIvor’s third and most important book.

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Join the Publisher and many organizations globally and become a Compassion Ambassador. Start earning funds for your Compassion Program and put Compassion into Action in your community.

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The Business of Kindness:Creating Work Environments Where People Thrive by Olivia McIvor

ISBN10: 0-9780974-0-8     ISBN13: 978-0-9780974-0-0         Price: $19.95 CDN

The Business of Kindness raises self-awareness and personal accountability for the development of a respectful and caring workplace culture. In this book, you will learn and practice the 12 Character Building Traits which when consciously applied and woven into the organizational fabric will create a positive, productive and profitable work environment.

This is the book Olivia McIvor’s healthcare culture change programs such as “Contagious Kindness” and “Compassion In Action” are modeled after!

The Kindness Journal: Cultivating a Year of Kindness

ISBN: 978-0-9881081-0-3 Price: $14.95 CND

Kindness – when one being demonstrates benevolence, thoughtfulness and gentleness towards another being. Kindness, depending on the situation or circumstance, may not always be an easy emotion to feel nor an action easy to deliver.

The Kindness Journal was created to assist individuals who want to bring the principles taught in the book “The Business of Kindness” into everyday life. It will help you bring more kindness into your own life and to the lives of others you care about.

Publisher: FairWinds Press

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The Kindness  @ Work Cards

ISBN: FWP777 4398        Price $13.95 CAN

This set of 16 Character Building Cards is an active supplement to the book The Business of Kindness by Olivia McIvor. It was created as a quick reference tool to assist individuals in easily putting into practice the tools discussed in her bestselling book “The Business of Kindness: creating environments where people thrive” (FairWinds Press 2006)

These 16 cards provide tools and practices that will assist with creating a kinder life, a kinder workplace and a kinder world.

Kindness to Oneself,              Kindness to Colleagues,           Kindness in the Community

Focusing on over 80 ways to be kinder to oneself, within one’s workplace and within one’s community.

Four Generations One Workplace: Sharing in the information age by Olivia McIvor

ISBN: 978-0-9780974-7-9    Our Price:  CAD $16.95

Four Generations One Workplace gives us a look at the unique people within our workplaces today. This is a book that educates us in an entertainingly witty way about the four generations influencing, enhancing and challenging workplaces across North America. This well researched title takes us on a critical journey to better understand the intricacies and dynamics of the four generations (Pre-Boomers, Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y) in the workplace.

The Generational Ah-Ha Cards

order number: FPW-Nove1114       Price: Pack of 25/ $13.95

These cards were originally created as a useful tool for training session and group change programs. We received emails and calls asking if they could be purchased in larger sets in order to be facilitate communication and dialogue

There are 25 in a pack.